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TAADAA!! by flutterguy317

To be honest I really love that this pic has a 3D effect, every detail in this pic went true this even the shadow effect on the arms an...

Sgt Pepper's Rarity - Equestria Girls by SJArt117

this by far is a very good work, it doesn't even look like it is a MS- paint very detail was perfectly well done from her hair all the ...


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not much I decided to try this on for size and see how much of you guys like my page so if you like my page and my work donate here and if I get my goal of 2016 point's then I will try to make something special for all of you donor's who donate to this page try to tell me what is it that you wish for me to make in the comments bellow

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Momma Panther is Pissed Off now
ok I know that I said I wasn't going to do a pic until id settled in but since id heard what happened on the superbowl 50 and knowing him :icontherockinstallion: I had to find a computer and do a pic for an emergency situation so here is what it is

well ok now you guys know what happened in the super bowl now seed heart is on the defense for rockette so now momma panther now is  protective and pissed off on those who will tease rockette now that her team lost so momma panther is showing the claws are you going to be brave enough to go in and wrestle the panther ?

seed heart belongs to: :iconatomixmxson08:

by prof. joe mule

when you lose a friend, and it's to bear to handle,
an tears from your eyes fall upon thy face to sob,
then weep until you can't weap no more, until the ache is over,
until the wound from your heart closes it's wound's to heal,
to morn for the loss of thy friend, the one that left.

until then yell with all thy fury and rage,
until your voice can't yell no more,
until your energy becomes weak and can't go on,
until every once of pain is gone from thy heart.

and when that moment is over, just remember one thing,
one is never alone when one is hurt from the heart,
yet at times when one can't bear but to be alone,
to weep and sob, to yell and scream, for the loss of the friend.

for the one that left to never come.
The one that left
went I saw this… by her :iconlightning-bliss: I couldn't just sit down and not do a poem for her, because I too share her pain and I had my share of pain too, celestia only knows how much I had to endure so much pain and suffering and to bottle it up like its water inside of my heart from friends to many more, I couldn't do that I needed to say to her in a poem that she is not alone but we understand when one can't stand but to be alone and just weep and cry for a pain that can only heal true time.

lighting bliss if you see this know this,  what I can say to you from experience is this,
life must go on and will go on, one loses friends is true, but life and time gives us to make new friend's
and learn from our experiences from the past, so that one must not make the same mistake,
for it we do not learn from the past, we ourselves are condemn to repeat it,
but from the darkness their is always a light that shines our path lighting and never forget that,
for out of the wounds of the heart comes a heart that becomes stronger from the times.

and I do hope this helps you to know that at least me you have a person who is brother at arms when it comes to pain.

the one that left poem by prof. joe mule
by profesor joe mule

my darling love when i have a bad day, and I feel the pain that i carry,
as i walk to our home and you greet me with your tenderness & affection,
i offten feel the weight of that day a bit lighter or none at all,
it is your sweet fondness and smile towards me that makes it worth the day.

and i feel blessed by celestia that i have you at my side allways,
but most of all i must thank our princess cadence to have you at my side,
for it is love that makes it worth any atrocious day that i have,
any horrendous pain that i may feel or any tear that i may have.

so i know i have your sweet devotion and tenderness towards me,
to make the day a bit sweeter and thus not have a dreadful day at all,
each day that passes im thankful for that, and the princess who made it posible,
for it is cadence and the love i have for you, that i have my sweet angel.

my sweet darling love
My Darling Love
so soon to be hearts and hooves day & this mlp poem is dedicated to all the couple's & ship's out their in the fandom and to the princess who rules the love of course it is princess cadence.

couples & ships

:iconoblivionfall: and Emogak

:iconthelostnarrator: and :iconneoholic-pyro:

:iconjoshscorcher: and :iconinkrose98:

:icondrwolf010: and her wife Miss wolf

:icongoldenfoxda: and :iconcosmicchrissy:

:iconflameamigo619: and :iconeliyora: - even thought they aren't a couple any more still that ship hasn't sank in the fandom eyes either that or someone needs to send a memo to… :iconvector-brony: about that so I hope they don't mind about this.

:iconlightning-bliss: and her husben Mr. lighting bliss (I don't know his name so sorry if I offended him if by saying Mr. lighting bliss so sorry Mr. lighting bliss for not knowing your name well)

:iconhenmo24: and gilda the griffon - ever since I saw him in the collab with silver quill recently I said "oh just ship it already", ironic how his own words turned back on him like a boomerang that way, also their this cuite pic of him here as a foal bronalysis-fanart.deviantart.c… with her.


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Atomic pen
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hey guys its me

I know I haven't posted anything yet but things are getting ruff for me in my new life, still I come here to see many artist and my friends I have to come to know and respect now, still like I said in my last comment here it will take me a while to get back on my feet in the mean time I wanted to see how much of you guys watched my page and see for my self how much you like it so I decided to make a donation box, and also a new tradition for me ( plus I'm a superstitious man so lets try it) ok here's the deal I made a donation box witch you guys will see in my page right next to my feature page of my work, so if you like my work all of them and you like what I do and make try to donate on my donation box, and if I get 2016 points by the end of this year on Dec 31 2016 at 11:59 pm then for me that will mean 2 things first it will mean that all of you guys like what I do even thought by the simple fact you guys watch it and donate will mean a lot to me and 2 it will mean that I've fulfilled my goals for 2016, also if you guys complete this less then half of that time let's just say by July or august on the last month then it will be good luck for me true the 6 months  left so please donate for a good cause please. 

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