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...... by MMSA
  • Mood: Agony
I hope my title  got my attention to you because i want each an every deviant art watcher is reading every word that I am typing because right now I'm in pain, suffering, in agony, sadness and very depressed. Why you may ask its simple I was watching the FIFA World Cup and I know theirs going to be some of you who will ask me why are you watching it simple because my country on witch I was born Mexico is playing and I'm here to support them, and some of you may ask why not root for the USA as well? I am going to answer  that with a really ? You think the entire country is exited to watch soccer match?, America is exited to watch the Super bowl and World Series then FIFA World Cup, and I know a lot of you will agree with me when I say this.

So before I go to why I am depressed let me take you to my days on elementary school when I was bullied, it was 1998 World Series the New York Yankees vs San Diego padres, now back then I was a huge san diego padre fan I loved them but the thing was I was In a different town and I was the only padre fan their, so when they lost you can't imagine the bullying I got because of it they used to tease me, laugh at me and say hurt full things about me and the team because of it , since then I not a padres fan anymore because of it.

Now today the match was holland vs Mexico now before the match started I had my thoughts of that Mexico would win them but then in the middle of the match mexico shoots a gol and it was now 0-1 and I thought we could really win this time we could even go to the semi-finals  and beat any next team if we first beat holland, but then the disaster came  and they scored us 2-1, my hopes and dreams were crush by... I wish I could say something to holland, I wish I could hate the referee who made us lose to holland, or blame my cousin who made me believe that we could have actually had a chance, but I'm not because I knew it was too good to be true, it was my fault for believing that we could actually win this, this like the World Series all over again.... Only this time their is no kids or school that will make me laugh at me the next day because its summer but now I'm very depressed and now I' m not a Mexico fan either because of this and I just wanna cry, can some say that I'm wrong or blame your cousin because of this something I don't know what to do now

*starts sobbing as he starts hugging his legs and crying on  his knees*

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Soldier2000 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Thanks a lot for the tidal wave of waves!!!:D:D
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Hehehe you didn't think I forgot about you did I 
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Hey no problem man I hope to see more of her in the future:D
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your welcome :D
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No problem.
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