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TAADAA!! by flutterguy317

To be honest I really love that this pic has a 3D effect, every detail in this pic went true this even the shadow effect on the arms an...

Sgt Pepper's Rarity - Equestria Girls by SJArt117

this by far is a very good work, it doesn't even look like it is a MS- paint very detail was perfectly well done from her hair all the ...


Can't Take My Eyes Off You by atomixmxson08
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
pencil pen: Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U I love you baby
And if it's quite all right
I need you baby
To warm the lonely nights
I love you baby
Trust in me when I sayMusic Note Bullet (Black) - F2U 

pencil pen: Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Oh pretty baby
Don't bring me down I pray
Oh pretty baby
Now that I've found you stay
And let me love you, baby
Let me love you
You're just too good to be trueMusic Note Bullet (Black) - F2U

snowy line: aahhh isn't he dreamy

photo finish: *mumbles*

yeah i got the inspiration when looking around and stumble across this…;

pencil pen and snowy line: :iconatomixmxson08:

"Can't Take My Eyes Off You" single by Frankie Valli

base: :iconpolandwolf:
Pencil Pen by atomixmxson08
Pencil Pen
yeah so this is my oc that i did when trying my pony escape and it turned out really well if i must say its my first time trying ponyescape and im getting the hang of it ^^

pencil pen: :iconatomixmxson08:

base: :iconamelia-bases:
MLP:FIM Poitions by atomixmxson08
MLP:FIM Poitions
hello their to all who watches me i have someting special for you guys since i need points for a special proyect im working on i decided to do the 2 best thing wtich is adoptables poitions because i personaly dont like to do pony adoptables, that just me man so let me show you the rules to by these comment me on bellow or note me for it if you wish to purchase one


1.- the potions from 1 to 7  are unknow potions meaning i dont know what they do but the side afects wheres off in a couple of hours so dont worry its not permament (belive me i learn that the hard way XD)

2.- the potions from 8 to 14 are known potions meaning i know what they do now heres are some warnings for these ones.
      WARNING: some of these potions may where off depending on the pony who drinks it and what it his true intentions are consume this at your own risk

3.- i only take points for these adoptables sorry guys

4.- once you drink it theirs no refunds and its a one time potion (so no drinkin it over and over again it doesnt work that way)

5.- prices for 1 to 7 are 10 pts but the 8 to 14 are from 15 to 35 pts

6.- potions only has effect on Oc pony's and on EG oc's too

7.- once i get the pts its yours other wise it wont yet when i do get the points i will tell you that is yours

8.- mention me when you draw or create a comic about your oc drinkin the potion

No. 1.-
no. 2.-
no. 3.- 
no. 4.-
no. 5.-
no. 6.-
no. 7.- :icondavaba19:

    8 to 14 potions .

No. 8.- is the mario potion or the 1up potion: drink this and you will get one extra life

No. 9.- the lucky star potion: drink this and you will be lucky where ever you go but if you are greedy and have bad intentions you will get bad luck this potions wheres off or not if the pony has either learned his lesson or wanted what he got

No. 10.- the love poition: may i need to say more about this one yet their is one thing about this the love effects weres off or not if the pony drinkin from it has true emotions back to you

No. 11.- the flash potion: drink this and the pony will be as fast as rainbow dash is yet the potion weres off when he beats the fastest pony in equestria

No. 12.- the star potion: this potion grants you 6 wishes and no you can't wish for more wishes the potion will know it wears off when you granted all the wishes either on your self or on others.

No. 13.- the evil poition or the antagonist potion: this potion will make you evil yet the effects weres off or not if the pony has any darkness in his heart for it is the souce for wtich it feeds on it self so  comsume this at your onw risk

No. 14.- the military potion: drink this and you will be a 5 star general ready to go to war  the potion weres off when he as won the war and the enemy surrenders to him only

No. 8.-  15pts

No. 9.-  15 pts

No. 10.- 15 pts

No. 11.- 15 pts

No. 12.-  :iconstreetsweep237:

No. 13.-  35 pts

No. 14.- 15 pts


atomixmxson08's Profile Picture
Atomic pen
Current Residence: san luis rio colorado, sonora
Favourite genre of music: all genres
Favourite cartoon character: danny phantom and FOP
yes lady's and gentlemen its me it looks like i am coming back yet a lot sooner then i thought & not like id used to but ill try to post pics in the afternoon or night for now ill keep you informed later on how many hours ill be doing it but the big news is im back baby :)

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